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Guitarist, Backing vocals, Songwriter

"Dave Cairns prowling the stage like a man possessed,his deep menacing eyes scanning the crowd,he'd pick you out with a glance and lock hold with a stare that didnt let up."-CHRIS HUNT


Above: Dave struts his stuff on stage in the bands early days


Dave above on top form at Shepherds Bush 2003

Dave Cairns ,backing vocals and PA climbing guitarist of the band! Dave was previously a member of the New Hearts and

founder member of Secret affair along with Ian. Dave has a knack for composing the bands singles namely "My World" and the classic

Mod anthem "Time for Action".

Dave Cairns taken from the Glory Boys lyrics brochure


Pagey and DC didnt always see eye to eye off stage but together on stage there was no doubt they were a winning combination.

At the recent gig at the Scala Kings Cross is was evident that the Page/Cairns duo were still on form and giving it their all as was evidenced by the big crowd that turned out.Dave took to the stage like a demon possessed and the crowd cheered him on.

Right:Photo by Virginia Turbett reflected the moody image of the band with our DC holding his favourite fashion accessory! (SKOL i think!)