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There was a time where every magazine you picked up had something to say about the Mod Revival and Secret Affair led the way.From Smash Hits to Sounds and NME to The Telegraph supplement there was a picture of Pagey and DC staring out at you.This unusual photograph featured the band in The Telegraph supplement in an article about British Music in 1980.The element of humour in this photo is in strict contrast to the serious nature of other photos used in the press.

The following is a synopisis of music paper write ups, gig reviews and journalistic entries on the band we love so well. As you will see Pagey''s opinions were loved and loathed but as the song goes the press had to "Take it or Leave it!"

Secret Affair often featured on Teen programs from Swap Shop to Top of the Pops and even made it on to The Old Grey Whistle Test!

"Appearing on Top of The Pops was one thing but in terms of credibility as an 'album
band' and not just a pop group,
an appearance on BBC 2's 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' was essential and
Secret Affair duly appeared on the show during the promotion of the album
'Glory Boys'."

DID YOU KNOW? Secret Affair appeared in Sounds two weeks in a row and are probably the only band to achieve a front cover in NME and Sounds in the same week.


RECORD MIRROR (June 9, 1979): live at The Marquee (May 20) by James Parade (aka Tot Taylor)
‘Secret Affair do not need to ride on the rejuvenation of a craze from the last decade… Ian Page’s vocals and trumpet and Cairns perfect ’67 r’n’b guitar were almost faultless.”
‘If you like mods, go and see Secret Affair. And if you don’t like mods,go and see Secret Affair. Let there be no more crazes.’

MELODY MAKER (Aug. 25 1979): interview by Chris Bohn
Live in Torquay (Aug. 15) on the March Of The Mods tour: >They are very good indeed… the key is a carefully calculated dance msuic which enslaves the feet, leaving the mind at the mercy of a succession of well-written youth anthems.

RECORD MIRROR (Nov. 24, 1979): ‘Glory Boys’ album review by Mike Nicholls ••••
‘Do yourself a favour. No matter how trivial this year’s revival might seem, don’t let it cloud your judgement of a fine modern pop album…’

NME (???, 1979): live at Rainbow (Dec.8) by Paul Morley

‘The thin mod thread that has woven its way through this year’s complex rock development won’t stretch much farther. As a craze, it was never going to mean that much, despite those who tried to wrap it up as something more. Secret Affair have effectively used it to step through into something else. Thanks mainly to Ian Page’s persistent call for attention, the group have risen as leaders of New Mod’s fickle obsession with discarded values and styles.’


SMASH HITS (March 20, 1980): ‘My World’ review by Kelly Pike
‘OK, so Ian Page’s head has lost all sense of proportion and their last release was a flop – but ‘My World’ deserves better… Far ahead of all other mod bands they remain, but forget the dressing up and listen to these powerful songs – you’ll be pleasantly shocked!’


RECORD MIRROR (Sept. 13, 1980): ‘Behind Closed Doors’ album review by Simon Ludgate •••••
‘The album title itself indicates the current state of mind in the Affair’s camp: a paranoid desire to offer their goods to the world from behind a protective barrier. The irony is that the buffet is totally unnecessary because these songs are perhaps the strongest collection they have had on offer to date.

MELODY MAKER (March 13, 1982): ‘Business As Usual’ album review by Carol Clerk

‘The last album, brimming as it was with exquisitely tuneful songs, fell by the wayside, a victim of criminal neglect… and I fear the same’ll happen to this. But you saw the title; it’s business as usual.’


Its hard to believe it was nearly a year ago that we saw the band on stage again with the original line up.The following are some of the reviews that were captured at the time.

June 17th 2002

'Secret step back in time'


Edition: Bristol Evening Post

Secret Affair: Bristol Academy

Until they stepped on to the Academy stage last night, it was 20 years since
the original line-up of mod revivalists Secret Affair had played together in
This was the opening night of a three-date reunion tour and the choice of
venue was appropriate as they last played the Locarno (which was on the same
site) in April, 1980.
Back then, Secret Affair were a regular fixture in the charts and were on
the road with the likes of The Jam and The Stranglers.
Two decades on and it may have seemed over-ambitious to pick Bristol's
largest stand-up venue to stage a comeback, but the faithful turned out in
force and the band were greeted as ifthey had never been away.
Tattooed skinheads and sharp-suited mods mingled on the dance floor, almost
transforming the room into a scene from the 1979 film Quadrophenia.
Singer Ian Page looked genuinely bewildered by the response to old
favourites like One Day In Your Life, Soho Strut and Shake And Shout.
Guitarist Dave Cairns ran around the stage like a man half his age, and the
other band members - Dennis Smith, Paul Bultitude and Dave Winthrop were
solid at the back.
Page, who punctuated many songs with some fine trumpet solos, strutted
around the stage as if reliving the time he was appearing on magazine front
covers and Top Of The Pops.
The inclusion of soul covers like Get Ready and Going To A Go-Go were
well-received, but the absence of singles Do You Know and Sound Of Confusion
was as surprising as it was disappointing.
Secret Affair kept the fans waiting for the classics, but mod anthems Dance
Master, Time For Action, Let Your Heart Dance and My World generated a
lively reaction.
This was a passionate comeback from one of the best bands of the mod revival
scene and they proved that their back catalogue still stands the test of
Mark Taylor

Pictured above the Secret Affair billboard highlights the band's arrival at the Shepherds Bush Empire June 21st 2002

Secret Affair

The Secret is out!

Birmingham Academy June 2002

trACEy Wilmot

It was with some trepidation I entered the venue in Birmingham amongst a throng of other mods both old and new. I had long since remembered my favourite mod band of my youth as being slick sharp and cool and I feared that I may have remembered them as performing better then they really did as the memory is apt to do.Questions such as "Will I be disapointed? Were they really as cool as I remembered?" flashed through my head, indeed many of my mates did not go to the first gig for the very same reasons preferring to remember Secret Affair as they were in 1980. A decision they swiftly regretted.

The crowd was building and each new arrival that entered the venue was eyed with curiosity .Who were these people that had travelled miles-some from abroad-to witness the spectacle of the leaders of the mod revival onstage? A few drinks and some bolder chaps started to dance-Guy Malkerson long term fan-gave us all something to watch with his athletic style of moddy boy dancing accompanied by DJ Kev Lock who played a mixture of Tamla, Northern Soul and Mod Revival hits. Something for every punter.

After a while a few braver moddy boys ventured to come and talk to me and we shared our stories of where we first saw the band and how excited we were to be here. Excited was not a big enough word for me. My heart was pounding and when I spied in the corner of my eye the band surreptitiously arrive backstage and run to their dressing room I had a hit of adrenaline like the rush of my first speed pill!

Yes-it was really gonna happen!

Then suddenly the lights dimmed, the ambiance from the Glory boys track a mixture of pinball machines music and street sounds filled the air...enter the GLORY BOYS!

The crowd surged to the front and there was a sense of awe as Ian and Dave entered the stage arena to face their public.

All the tracks were there from Soho Strut, Dance Master, One Day in Your Life, Going to a Go Go and the mod anthems My World and Time for Action.With each track each of us shouted the lyrics and sang back the tune to Pagey and the band who received the adulation with obvious delight. I amazed myself with my memory of every single lyric (and this was commented by Pagey himself much to my embarrassment!) But I just couldn't help myself, I was 16 again and I didn't want the night to end. Familiar tracks were played that sounded as fresh as they did the first time such as the classic When the Show is Over and before too long it was over-way way way too soon. But there was still time for an encore culminating in BIG BEAT that ended in a roar from the audience!

The audience stood dumbstruck as though in a trance and unable to leave-it had not been the disappointment we had dreaded. Hell No it was BETTER than we remembered and we wanted to relive every chord and note again whilst it still echoed in our hearts and minds.

For me the night was not over-I met the band for the first time at their hotel and it didn't feel odd at all. In fact it was like meeting old friends again-we talked (and drank) til 3am still high on adrenaline. The band anxious to know what the crowd thought and myself eager to hear their stories and anecdotes as gleefully as they wanted to share them.

I could no longer wait for the next gig at Shepherds Bush -and yes-it really felt as though now was THE TIME FOR ACTION!

Shake and Shout boys-the mods are back!

trACEy Wilmot

June 2002

Secret Affair 30th Anniversary show Londons Camden Centre

This much anticipated Anniversary show attracted fans from all over the world as far as Japan,Spain,Ireland,Scotland and Canada and saw many fans still excited from the Astoria show last year excited about seeing Secret Affair once more.It felt as though MOD was the word in the preceding months with prominent radio stations mentioning the band and playing Secret Affair and several radios tations such as Radio 6 and Radio London visited the mod revival genre playing tracks from 79 and beyond. All good stuff since we know there is a new and fresh mod scene evolving in the youth of today.



The Camden Centre despite its name is in fact nowhere near Camden but is set in the heart of Kings Cross, a most beautiful building and a new venue for Londoners since the demise of The Astoria.Prior to the show many fans of the mod scene met up as is the tradition at The Dolphin pub across the way to meet with old mates and new and look forward to the show ahead.

Secret Affair were welcomed onstage with raucous applause as they entered to the familiar sound of the Get Carter theme which evolved into "I Don't Need No Doctor" and then into the motown classic number "Nowhere to Run" without pausing for breathe.

Yes of course fans were waiting for their favourite tracks "My World" and "Glory Boys" being popular favourites but equally the new track "Ride" was applauded and danced to with the same enthusiasm as the old numbers."Streetlife Parade" evolved into "Lifes A movie too" and now with the added feature of Bryn Barklams hammond it was indeed a masterpiece.Highlight of the night was a radio miked Cairns who entered the audience with Andy Brush on Sax to have their pay off session in Let YOur Heart Dance and leaned over the gallery at one point seemingly risking a fall into the audience at one point (think Jimmy Quadrophenia)Three encores later My WOrld completed the night with audience participation who by now were more coordinated and less tuneful!

It was my great pleasure to meet so many of my old mod mates from 79 who came to see the show and to make new friends from previous perfoemances in Ireland and Scotland. a memorable night that ended with Eddie Pillers genius disc selection,followed by Dave Edwards and Kev Lock who kept the punters dancing.If only the beer had lasted out as long as the energy did that night!

trACEy June 2009


Secret Affair play Ireland for the first time

Certainly Ireland's finest moment of mod did not go unnoticed as the streets were awash with mods and fans of all ages anxious to see Secret Affair perform at Whelans for their first Irish show. Sean Fletcher of Modern Media Promotions made history by bring the band to Whelans Dublin and reviving a whole scene of friends and fans of mod culture.Many had been waiting for over 25 years to see their heroes play and it was an emotional experience for many.

Secret Affair Astoria 2

September13th 2008

Thanks also to: Dave Porter Photography & Eddie Piller DJ

All photographs and history on this website should not to be copied or used without prior permission!

Thank you to all the dedicated fans who travelled far and wide to see the band rock the venue.


Soho Dreams really do come true.

From the moment that the doors opened at 6pm it was evident that people couldnt wait to get the evening started for this long anticipated show.Fans from far and wide flocked to the Astoria venue positioned in the centre of the West End of London-the essence of so many Secret Affair lyrics echoing in their minds and hearts. Fans from Japan,France,Spain,Italy and USA came over to meet me and introduce themselves at the merchandise stand where signed CDs and DVDs were selling like hot cakes. My mind was cast back to 2003 at The Scala show where fans met beforehand at Kings Cross for a few drinks before the show.This time though no one could wait-and why should they? Eddie Piller was on the decks on the dot of 6pm and it wasnt long before the more agile dancers were showing they hadnt lost their style or attitude on the dancefloor.I was struck by the loyalty of these hard core fans who had travelled so many miles for this one night with their heroes. Ok it all sounds a bit emotional I suppose but lets not forget it was 30 years ago when it all began-many of the audience were too young to see the band the first time around but knew their songs off by heart-and others wanted to relive either their first show again,or simply their youth...could the lads be as good as they remembered?



First up was support Koopa (not to be confused by the similarly named and Lambretta logoed Cooper)-fresh from their US tour and with a new recording contract they played a blistering set of old and new tracks. Despite the fact they were not in the same genre of music they were well received by the audience who applauded and cheered enthusiastically.The band made up of Joe,Ollie and Stu (average age 22) seemed so very young and it was hard to believe that Ian Page and Dave Cairns were even younger and barely out of college when they hit the big time with Time For Action.And now here they were back, Revived Reformed and Renewed-and not forgotten.

Koopa Joe,Stu & Ollie

By 8:30pm the venue was a sellout jam packed to capacity (unless you stayed at the bar!) and it was impossible for me to get my usual spot at the front of the audience so I sashayed through the sweaty crowd and marked out my viewing point in the press pit.Looking up at the gallery eager faces stared at the stage as the opening bars from the film Performance sent chills through my spine. For those of you that dont know-Performance was a film that inspired the band to write the Glory Boys album and set their style as the suited and booted image that many equated with Mod,indeed even the track "I am a Bullet" was inspired by one of the lines in the film.

Enter Ian Page and Dave Cairns the founder members of Secret Affair-the audience roars as they launch into Shake & Shout with Steve Rinaldi (trombone),Martyn Blagden(trumpet)& Andy Brush (sax) completing the horn section.As the audience applauds and whistles they are straight into the familiar opening chords of Dancemaster,and the much requested Shes on Fire (which sounded a dream live!) Motown classics Going To A Go Go & Get Ready had many punters attempting to find some way of dancing shoulder to shoulder.Without a moment to pause the audience is then treated to Dont Look Down and One Way World.I was grinning like a cheshire cat as I like many had never forgotten the words of these most frequently played songs and could see the audience singing along with every nuance and stutter of Dance Master....D-D-D-D-D-Dance master.

The next section gave the horns a chance to rest but not new drummer Russ Baxter who showed what he was made of! Tracks Lost In the Night and New Dance-the definative Cairns guitar classic had the audience enraptured as Cairnsey took command of the stage.This was not a musician who went through the paces-Cairns lives and breathes every chord and the adrenaline rush was like nothing else.How could they top that? Quite simple really Page takes to the keyboard and everyone holds their breath as the first recognizable notes of Streetlife Parade trickle from his fingers-yes, this masterpiece had never been played live before, the crowd are by now ecstatic as Page softly sings..."I hear a dream and a siren scream its the music that I need..." written as a young man we realize what a mature songwriter he was a such a tender age.The dreamy sax takes a hold of the audience as though mesmerized before the second stage of the song and the finale of Dave Cairns guitar solo makes way for the last soft refrains of the sax.If that wasnt enough to make you emotional (I did see a few moist eyes in the audience) then Lifes A movie was another show stopper.The audience sang along and raised spilling plastic glasses of beer in tribute...likely the reason why the floor was awash with beer after the show.

For those that frequent this site and the official myspace site you already would have been familiar with the two new tracks from their forthcoming album-Soho Dreams & Ride. Soho Dreams the future name of their new album is a follow up to Glory Boys. Ian Page explains "Note the two references to City of Dreams in this and "Ride"." Soho Dreams" is meant to be the first track of the album of the same name & "Ride" the last. Not that people listen to albums in sequence any more.Think what an i-pod does to the Quadrophenia album." Ride (no pun intended) was well received at the Isle of Wight Ryde scooter rally a danceable track with more motown than rock but a meaty bass line echoes throughout intersperced with Shaft style chords. Soho Dreams is in my view a masterpiece both lyrically and musically-it shows that the Page/Cairns magic is still there 30 years on and is the most played track currently on their myspace site (www.myspace.com/secretaffairofficial) since August 2008. Oh yes and there were also the old and familar tracks that made Secret Affair a name to remember-no show could be complete without Time For Action,Let Your heart Dance , and with the added treat of seeing the vintage promo videos of Time For Action in the background the audience was in a frenzy. For those near the back of the venue a treat was in store as for the first time ever the My World promo video was screened and synched to the performance-the fresh young faces of Ian,Dave,Seb,WInthrop & Dennis appeared as a backdrop of memories of how the band was-and showed that their talent had not diminished,in fact Page's voice is in my view more powerful and commanding than ever before and the energy was still very much there!During the much loved Glory Boys people chanted and reached out as though to grab the moment before it was lost.

But the track of the night?Was the finale undoubetledly Im Not Free But Im Cheap-Andy Brush on sax,Pagey on trumpet and Cairnsey duelled against each other in the best performance of this song I have ever witnessed-as Rinaldi bashed the tambourine and Sean strutted back and forth across the stage Cairnsey leaps to the front and plays as the fans grab the guitar, his jacket as he continues to play unfalteringly.Back on stage Andy Brush shows he has a style all of his own with an amazing jamming session with Cairnsey that was simply jaw dropping.Next Page back on stage with the familiar trumpet as the band reaches the climax of the song...before it was all too soon, over....and hour and a half of sheer joy. At this point I was running back up the stairs to the merchandising stand-the venues strict curfew mwant that the final song When The Show is Over was not played-back at the stand a mob of sweaty happy mod types hugged me,shook my hand and kissed me as though it was all down to me. It was one of those moments in time when you just wanted to share the adrenaline rush of the moment before the come down."People will be talking about this show for years" said one punter as I struggled to get the last DVDs and CDs into evryones hands in the final rush. As the final group made their way either home or to the Fly Venue there was a moment to rest at the Aftershow Bar wth the band and a few chosen close friends and fans got their Kodak moment. I was shaking-partly because I hadnt eaten but mainly because I didnt want the rush to end.It was like I had eaten too much sugar and drank a pint of coffee. All this excitement at my age is a little bit hard to manage!


Ok then what?Up to The Fly formerly known as the Bar Fly RT3, and Long Tall SHorty had a packed venue for those that were too high to come down for a bit!Cairnsey just making it on stage with LTS for a rendition of Whatcha Gonna Do About it I then ate my now stale sarnies and met with all my mates,some of whom I hadne seen since 2003! A night to remember indeed. More of the same....? Then come and see Secret Affair perform at the Small Faces Convention 21st September on stage 9:50pm-their performance is to be recorded (as was The Astoria 2 performance)-see you there!



September 2008

To listen to the new tracks visit www.myspace.com/secretaffairofficial


Secret Affair Isle of Wight August 2008

Secret Affair Revived, Reformed, Renewed.

After their recent sellout show at The Planet Ice Arena Isle of Wight Secret Affair proved they are raring to go!

Both old and familiar tracks such as Time For Action and My World alongside the appropriately named new track "Ride" were played back to back proving the band are ready to rock the Astoria 2 September 13th.

Joining Secret Affair on stage for the first time were bass player Sean Kelly, drummer Russ Baxter alongside Steve Rinaldi on trombone & Martyn Blagden on trumpet and percussion.

Thanks to Dave Porter & Mickee for photography.


Photo Dave Porter

Photo Mickee

Photo Dave Porter

Photo Dave Porter

Photo Dave Porter

Photo Dave Porter



Taking a break from the studio, Ian & Dave accepted Garry Bushell's invitation to appear at his charity Rock 'n Variety Extravaganza on April 23rd.
A first but brief outing by the new line up of Secret Affair featured our very own Ian Page on vocals and trumpet,Dave Cairns on guitar,Dave Winthrop on Sax, Simon Hanson on drums & Nick Abnett on bass.
Simon is an ex-Death In Vegas player & is currently on tour with Glen Tilbrook; Nick also played with Death In Vegas and Britpop band DODGY & they are both featured on the new Secret Affair album tracks recorded over the last year for the publishers, Peer Music.
The St George's day show was a fund raiser for a statue of Benny Hill to be erected in his home town of Southampton.

It was great to see the most devoted fans and friends of the band at this sell-out event.

Much work has been made on new material recorded at Peer studios in London. The new tracks show the boys still have what it takes to create new and fresh ideas.

In addition the band are planning to release a fourth album soon.

Photograph Dave Porter




at The Scala Kings Cross


(All Photos DJP are courtesy of Dave Porter otherwise courtesy of Ian Jones)

Yeah it was 7pm-June 18th outside the Scala Kings Cross.While the band were making final sound checks inside- outside the queues were building.Down the local Thistle Hotel crowds of mods started to gather.Tonight was 1979 all over again-but better. MUCH MUCH better....


By 8.30pm The crowd was filling up in the venue and boy was it packed.Kev Locke Secret Affair's Official DJ knocked out some great tunes and some began to loosen up and dance.No one could quite believe it was going to happen at last, after all these months of anticipation.The age group of the audience was vast-from young teens seeing the band for the first time to those like me that were there in 1979/1980. Many had travelled half way across the country to witness tha band in action from Scotland,Newcastle and Manchester and even from abroad. This was the gig NOBODY in the mod scene wanted to miss.Then suddenly the DJ stopped playing and there was almost a moment of silence before the GLORY BOYS entered the stage to a roar of approval from the audience.The Crowd surged to the front to catch a glimpse of our Mod heroes in action.The opening track GLORY BOY'S turned the audience into 16 year olds once again...this was gonna be a night to remember.


Next up was the classic SHAKE AND SHOUT with more chanting from a now ecstatic audience.


Dave Cairns took the stage like a demon possessed strutting across the stage with style looking as cool as ever in a military mod jacket reminiscent of their early days.


(Go on my son!)

When DC jumped the stage onto the barriers there was a surge from the crowd anxious to get even a touch from his jacket but DC continued to play even though he was pinned back by the crowd before leaping back onto the stage (and all this without dropping a note!)

Left: DC sets his stare to the audience

Right: DC and Dennis provide the backing vocals to Let Your Heart Dance

The cover versions of GOING TO A GO-GO and GET READY reminded us of the bands roots and got many accomplished dancers to their feet. The film crew who captured the gig had a hard job to keep up between the outstretched arms of the audience and DCs spectacular jumps back and forth thats for sure.Next up were the familiar tracks DONT LOOK DOWN and ONE WAY WORLD and with every familar track being someones favourite song there was a shout of approval from somewhere either from the balcony or downstairs. At one point I seriously contemplated climbing over the barriers to avoid the crush as breathing became more and more difficult! It was a delight to hear ONLY MADMEN LAUGH live again and the classic ONE DAY IN YOUR LIFE resulted in further chanting from the audience in one united throng. As soon as Dave Cairns sprang into action in his famous NEW DANCE guitar set it was then I felt the surge of the crowd at its most, amidst cries of "Cairnsy over here" one geezer moved my bag (which I had placed on the ramps) so as to ensure that DC would step into our space....which of course he did to everyones joy.

But lets not forget Dave Winthrop and his soulful sax solo's (try saying that after a few drinks!) For me Winnie played the best I have heard to date-each note hung in the air in perfect pitch and with such style. Amidst cries of "Winnie Winnie Winnie" from an ecstatic crowd he gave his heart and soul into every performance.Outstanding was LIFES A MOVIE TOO which moved some to tears with sheer appreciation of such moving lyrics which complemented his inimitable style.

Winthrop still looking the part-cool as ever.

Last year everyone bemoaned the fact that SOUND OF CONFUSION was not played so this time the band made sure it was included in the set to a screech of delight behind me "Oh yes!" shouted one delighted fan.This was followed by shouts of GLORY BOYS GLORY BOYS and "We are the mods" which one punter secretly whispered to me "I hate that bloody chant" but later couldnt hold back from joining in such was the atmosphere! And no doubt the camaraderie from the audience really made the evening that much more special-many of us had met up earlier for the first time united in our admiration for the coolest mod band ever and certain we would all remain friends through the website and further gigs.So we danced cheered and chanted together-as one united band. I for one have never experienced this feeling before as geezers moved back and forth to share their enjoyment of each and every strong "trACEy 3 WISE MONKEYS!" yelled one fan in my ear as we leapt up and down together.

Pagey looks the part in his stunning mohair suit, trumpet on hand before his next solo whilst Dennis in tonic trousers and Ben Sherman cradles his bass in style.Dave Cairns and Dave Winthrop in the background during Life's a Movie too-a 12 string instead of keyboards lent the song a different but pleasing perspective.

The familiar bass line to SOHO STRUT created a stream of jerking heads to the rhythm-now too packed to dance or move anything else!

LOST IN THE NIGHT, SOMEWHERE IN THE CITY and I COULD BE YOU made up part of the Business as Usual favourites-with one of my favourite B Sides DANCEMASTER (Why not a single I will never know) Dave's familiar guitar introduction to this classic dance track made my feet move faster thats for sure- especially when he launched himself into the next set of stage jumps and defiantly stare-outs into the audience as only Dave can.He caused quite a stir from both male and females alike I can tell you!

Moose left stayed cool throughout despite the heat of the venue! DC stands defiant as the crowd look on in awe.

But what of Moose? I here you ask? He played a faultless set without let up as each track was played one after the other without pause for breathe.Moose's obvious enjoyment reflected his impeccable style throughout that kept the beat going until the very last chord was played.

The longest track of the night LET YOUR HEART DANCE threw the heaving sweating audience into more arm waving and singing and just when you thought it couldnt possibly get much better than this-IT DID! MY WORLD was played.Need I say more?


The mod anthem MY WORLD was the highlight of the show when everyone sang their hearts out with the band!



Ian Page suited up and with his soulful voice took the heart of the audience who sang along with him knowing the words by heart. When MY WORLD was played the audience took over and the band stood in awe of what they THE GLORY BOYS themselves had created.Pagey held the mike aloft and grinned in pleasure as everyone sang along in (allmost) perfect harmony!


Winthrop played with impeccable style and professionalism and complimented Pageys trumpet sounds spectacularly whilst Dennis and Moose kept the beat

up and played relentlessly the hour and a half set with ease and evident enjoyment.

Above Pagey and Winthrop set the pace with I'M NOT FREE (BUT I'M CHEAP) as the professional musicians they are.

The last track I'M NOT FREE (BUT I'M CHEAP) led to three encores....with Pagey touching his watch and shouting "WHAT TIME IS IT?" the audience began to shout the same back...yes the set could not be complete without the Secret Affair Mod Anthem TIME FOR ACTION-

" and you know we're only two steps away!"


"WE ARE THE MODS WE ARE THE MODS!" Simpa and Sharon (left) wait for the band to return to the stage one last time.

The final encores included WHEN THE SHOW IS OVER and THE BIG BEAT to massive applause and shouting for more. No one wanted to leave long after the band left the stage.New friends hugged each other and vocalised their enjoyment "A blinder!" "CAnt believe my mate missed this gig of all gigs" .Since then I have had countless e mails,text messages,phone calls and voicemails from those that were there and now regard the gig as THE WEDNESDAY SYNDROME-what do we mean by that? Well nothing NOTHING could ever or WOULD ever be able to beat that feeling ever again-every other gig will take a poor second place against that night. So for those that missed it-what can I say, you HAD to be there.

We won't forget it ever-Wednesday June 18th 2003

"...and we wouldnt have it any other way" in Our World....would we?




Early in 2003 it was my honour to meet up with Ian Page, Dave Cairns and journalist Chris Hunt in a somewhat crowded pub in London (chosen by Dave for his favourite ale-Youngs best bitter you understand?) We huddled around a tiny table amongst the glasses and ashtrays and discussed the history of the band from their earliest New Hearts days to the latest gigs in 2002. This was where the new site was born- a collection of ideas and memories from all that were there in the beginning.To my surprise there were tracks that had been forgotten-lost on tapes and then somehow rediscovered to the very boys that had recorded them all those years ago.Unlike other bands (that piece together all the crap that wasnt good enought to put onto an album before) I was later made aware of tracks that simply stood the test of time and remained in my brain for days after.Take the track Loves Just A Word-a true masterpiece that stands out as strong as Somewhere in The City and is even more catchy! And there are other surprises reminiscent of the Glory Boys days...including Land of Hope and the magnificent Soul Foundation.Thus was born the idea of an anthology-a way of pulling together all the recordings us fans had forgotten from radio shows and stage performances coupled with these some newer tracks some resurrected from the dust of the recording studios and transformed to CD others newly created for the album. All Secret Affair fans will want this in their collection especially since so much care went into the choosing of each track so carefully...so to the band-I THANK YOU!





Featuring rarities from their New Hearts days and early Secret Affair recordings.

Live tracks and previously unreleased archive recordings on a superb double CD collection

With ‘Time For Action’ and ‘My World’ Secret Affair shot into the Top 20 and appeared on the cover of every music magazine in Britain. Seminal albums like ‘Glory Boys’ and ‘Behind Closed Doors’ consolidated their reputation as one of the most talked-about bands in the country.

For the last 20 years, fans of the band have believed that there were no Secret Affair rarities to be had, just a tight body of work that can be found on three albums and six singles.

In compiling this CD it has proved otherwise. Before signing to Arista, they spent so much time in the CBS Studios, both as New Hearts and in the early development stages of Secret Affair, that the Cairns/Page songwriting team had already developed and demo'd many of the songs that would last them though to the end of the second Secret Affair LP.

To find the most significant rarities we have gone to the CBS archives, unearthing many early recordings that help us trace the development of the band, including their first demos in January 1979. At CBS we also found unheard New Hearts recordings of songs that would later become Secret Affair standards.

As for their three year career at Arista, nothing survives in the label’s archives other than the released masters, but we have managed to unearth some demo recordings and unreleased compositions that date from this period – these are so rare that they had even been forgotten by the band. The CD also features a selection of previously unreleased radio sessions from 1979 and 1982, and a very rough recording of the one missing song from their ‘Mods Mayday 79’ performance.

The album also features interviews with Ian Page and Dave Cairns and a sleeve note by MOJO’s Chris Hunt.



1. Just Another Teenage Anthem
2. Plain Jane
3. Love’s Just A Word (New Hearts demo)*
4. Blood On The Knife
5. Only A Fool (New Hearts demo)*
6. Seen That Movie Too (Jan. 1979 demo)*
7. Don’t Look Down (Jan. 1979 demo)*
8. Only Madmen Laugh (New Hearts demo)*
9. Sunday Girls (Jan. 1979 demo)*
10. Glory Boys (Jan. 1979 demo)*
11. New Dance (live at Mods Mayday)*
12. I’m Not Free (But I’m Cheap) (BBC session)*
13. Going To A Go-Go (BBC session)*
14. Time For Action (US remix)
15. Soho Strut
16. Get Ready (BBC session)*
17. Let Your Heart Dance (US remix)
18. Sorry Wrong Number
19. One Way World (US remix)
20. Trendsetters Ball (1980 demo)*
21. Five By Five (1980 demo)*
22. Through My Eyes (1980 demo)*

1. My World (US remix)
2. So Cool
3. Sound Of Confusion
4. Take It Or Leave It
5. What Did You Expect
6. When the Show Is Over
7. Streetlife Parade
8. Do You Know?
9. Follow The Leader (1981 demo)*
10. Lost In The Night
11. Hide And Seek (1981 demo)*
12. Three Wise Monkeys (alternate recording)*
13. One Day In Your Life
14. Dancemaster (alternate recording)*
15. Big Beat (alternate recording)*
16. I Could Be You (BBC session)*
17. Somewhere In The City (1981 demo)*
18. Land Of Hope (1996 recordings)
19. Soul Foundation (1996 recordings)

* previously unreleased
CD1 Tracks 1-5 & 8 as New Hearts

Sleeve notes written by Chris Hunt.