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Wow! The Secret Affair new line up at the Circus Tavern was a magnet for devoted fans and friends of the band.

Here a few pictures to get you all started...more to come

Thanks to Dave Porter official photographer for Secret Affair,Karen Rock Chick and Chris Well Suspect for the photos but I need more from you all!

So please email me your best shots if you was there to traceymod@yahoo.com

Dave Cairns and Dave Winthrop after the show

Simon Hanson & trACEy

Eddie Piller standing in the shadows with Dave Cairns

Kitty holds her mates up after a good night out

Chris well suspect and trACEy have their traditional photo together

Left to right: Dave Cairns Karen (Rock Chick) and Ian Page...

Dave Cairns and trACEy

This is your page-a chance to share your pictures from previous Secret affair gigs,or from your early mod days til now.

Send your "THEN and NOW" pictures to traceymod@yahoo.com and we will show the best ones.


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Left to right: THE WELL SUSPECT CREW-name?Kev Lock behind,trACEy and Chris (Well Suspect)
John Reed (Sanctuary Records) and trACEy
Eddie Piller (Acid Jazz)
Mark, Simpa, Sharon and Lee
Mark Parham
Whats The Time?


For those I have forgotten names-apologies (I was rather the worse for wear you understand!)

lemme know who I have missed and I will add them on

Tel and Glen

Lee responds to the question "what happened to your trousers.?"


Glen and Tel
Tel and Esther
    Glen and Patrick

Our World


Hello one and all...trACEy here-so "what is OUR WORLD all about?" I hear you ask...well its a page just for you-the fans of Secret Affair and the mod revival of 1979 onwards.

This page is a chance for you to send in your pictures from your mod days a sort of 'then and now' if you like.Here's a picture from my moddy days age 16 and one from last years Secret Affair gigs.I am sure you have much better ones you can dig out of the attic for....

trACEy 1980
trACEy and the Pagemeister Shepherds Bush June 2003


It appears that many of you are still in the scene, still loving the sounds that made you what you were-separate , distinct, a smarter classier breed..Stylists, Mods, Glory Boys, Scooterists..whatever name you adopted-you were without doubt "A class above the rest"

And above all the music.."Young and proud of a brand new sound so much music to be made"

The leaders? Yeah we know it-Secret Affair were undoubtedly THE leaders of the Mod Renewal.

So send us your pictures of then and now and we will add it to the site (traceymod@yahoo.com) a chance to get to know your

fellow Glory Boys and Girls and who knows where it will end?

Let me also introduce my mate Kev Lock DJ Extraordinaire, Secret Affair Fan and some time comedian.

Kev over to you mate...and sort that shirt out its doing my head in!


Left: Moose, Dennis Smith and Kev Lock

Right : trACEy and Chris (Well Suspect Mods) at Shepherds Bush Secret Affair gig 2002

Below: trACEy and Chris at The Affair gig-Rhythm Factory April 2003



Hello, good evening and welcome to what I hope will be a semi regular, impromptu, BI-monthly, whenever I can get my finger out of it's orifice, look, at what is happening on, in and around the mod scene. It won't nessa Sarah lee be to everyone's taste, but then that's what makes this ere scene wot it is.......... INDIVIDUAL, none of that clean living under difficult circumstances bollocks, it was back then, it isn't now. My journalistic abilities are second only to my dress sense ??? Absolutely zip, nada, nowt, if you saw that shirt at the London gig last year you'll know what I mean.
If any of you out there in moddy body land have anything worthwhile you'd like to share with me, free beer, gigs, free beer, free stuff, free beer etc, etc, (did I mention free beer!!! ) please contact me through these hallowed pages.
Hope you like the scribblings of a mad man...................ENJOY

I did originally have this 'ere idea type ting of a diary of events to which Mr & Mrs Moddy Body could look at and decide which was to there loiking and attend the selected gig, but seeing as we are all aware of the fine and established reading materials such as Scootering and Mr Baileys NUTS newsletter I thought what ever I did to expand on this would be a wasted effort, and I'd only be repeating / copying what they'd already done.......... So the big question is how to do something different and yet hold peoples attention and get them discussing what I wrote but keep them coming back for more, contributing their own ideas and provoking the old grey matter into thinking, to take a sideways glance at things and put across some tasty items for you to chew over and ask the all important question.................................................................................................
.........................................What the hell is he on about!!!!!!!!!!!! Answers on a postcard to the above address.

OK here's yer first teaser, What was so good about mod life in the 60's? Discuss.

Well seeing as I was born in '64 I can't really speak about it with much authority, and the books that are available are pretty pants (that's not a lingerie reference by the way) they all spout out the same tripe about the London scene, you'd think London was the whole of England, we know that the whole world was in black and white in the 60's we have T.V to thank for that, and you only had 3 channels on that as well, and it shut down at midnight, as for entertaining yerself at the pub even they closed at 10.30 weren't open all day no bottled lager, unless you wanted stout or pale ale, and horror of horror's NO KEBAB SHOPS!!!!!! In addition, if you wanted a cab home they only existed in certain areas of London so if you were in Blackpool you were in for a bloody long wait. I'll finish this by saying there were advantages to living in the 60's, but I'm buggered if I know of any, I'm glad I was born when I was, because as a teenager in 79 we had the kind of music playing on the T.V and radio, you could still buy on 7" vinyl, scooters were still available fairly cheaply if not free, there were more channels on the box, kebab and burger shops were everywhere, pubs started opening longer, and more importantly life was in colour, it was DEFINATELY the right time to be young.
The Espresso kid.



Thanks to all of you that sent photos in from their moddy days and some recent pics too

I will be adding to this page as we go along so keep sending 'em in!


LEFT-Mick (Itsamodthing) and his brother in 1980.RIGHT Mick and his wife with some familiar faces at the Festival Inn Nottingham last year..."OOh suits YOU sir!"

From Pete Murf below:

Left Pete Murf on his GP150 which he still owns and rides. Right: Pete Murf (on the right, forefront) and an old mucker called Ren who used to hang around with him and Blocky. It was taken shortly after he had the tattoos done - the writing is "Billericay Mods." He got the design out of a magazine, modified it and gave it to a tattoist in Chelmsford who did the honours. At the same time Blocky had a keyhole done! Blocky we want the pictures mate!