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Lead Vocals,trumpet player,keyboards,songwriter.

"Ian Page suited-up, black shirt, red tie, holding the mike like it was something precious, that amazing voice

whipping the crowd into a frenzy."-CHRIS HUNT

Ian Page started his career in a band called the New Hearts. He was spotted by Dave Cairns one day playing the piano and singing to himself in the college refectory.Dave was already in a band and their singer had gone to Denmark, Ian was asked to play on their demo, and consequently joined the band.

Ian and Dave then both left college, and with the New Hearts made a couple of singles on CBS,and after about a year and a half the band broke up.Ian and Dave were retained by CBS to continue their songwriting careers and it was then they decided to form their own band.

So it was that Secret affair was born!

Ian not only plays trumpet but also guitar, piano and keyboards.

Ians early influences were classical music ,and Tamla Motown.

"We want to create music you could dance to without losing the...aggresion is too rough a word.Its the commitment.

Our music is ordered.A Tamla dance beat with contempory lyrics and guitar sound"- Ian Page



Left: The most remembered shot of the band is fondly remembered by Ian who recalls that "every five minutes Dave would ask the photographer "Is that a fisheye lens you're using?". 'It was funny for the first 5 times he said it' recalls Ian, but after that....'

Right: A classic Fin Costello shot of Ian.



"Id invented this GLORY BOYS concept,,which was my reaction to being told that I wasnt any good,and if Im going to be honest the real idea was like a spiv:a suit,a black shirt and a white tie,clothes being very important.

I walked in and I thought 'They're all Glory Boys!'But too late they were mods.They said 'We chose mods.We like what they did and now we're going to make something of our own out of it'

Thats how our following started."

"If punk was a question then mod is an answer-and some people dont like the answer"


""None of the band agree with everything he says but I don't think you'd disagree that he is good at talking"


Ian the dancemaster on stage whilst Dennis Smith and Dave Cairns ( sporting his famous black regency style jacket) sing backing vocals.

Left Ian at The Scala 2003 and Right Ian and Seb on stage in the early days

Today Ian Page and The Affair (with Dave Winthrop from the orginal line up on sax, Jel on guitar,Bob on drums and Ian Jones on bass) are still playing some of the original tracks penned by Page and Cairns but also offering up new material most notably the new single PROVE IT available on vinyl and CD. Proving that Ian still has the creative skills to put together a great dance track and perform it as 25 years ago.To find out more about Ian Page and the Affair and to purchase the single click the link below.